"Instinct" featuring Bitch



Cover design by Kate Meuser


"Instinct" (featuring Bitch) available April 1, 2022. 


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Cover design by Kate Meuser & Kim Winters Crystal

"I always write from the body; how it wounds and if it heals.  Cobblestones started as a trip and fall, literally, since I fall a lot as a disabled person. I started metaphorically thinking about what else people fall into: the unexpected breakup, depression cycles, bad decisions.  That's pretty much my wheelhouse."

~ Natalie E. Illum

"The guitar parts for Cobblestones evolved from more of a singular folk melody to a layered composition, one that stops and starts the way a reoccurring thought would; something a little nostalgic and yet moody, with a balancing rhythmic melody under each step." 

~ Grey Jacks       


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